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“Has Your Debt Been Bought by a Collections Agency like Allied Interstate Inc? Here are Some Practical Facts and Tips to Get Them Off Your Back”

Allied Interstate

If you have allied interstate debts on your credit reports your score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.

Financial problems can happen to anyone, no matter how frugal or responsible you think you are.  It only takes one huge, unpredictable expense to derail all your careful budget setting and financial planning.

What happens if Allied Interstate Inc. buys my debt?

If you’ve fallen behind on your loan payments, credit card bills, or medical fees, your creditors may eventually sell your debt to a collection agency. 

If that happens, you need to take action immediately!

Don’t let Allied Interstate inc. pump up your bill with added interest and fees.

Don’t let them report your debt to the credit bureaus and ruin your credit scores either. Instead, take action against them, and take back control of your life. This website will teach you a few things about debt collection agencies like Allied Interstate Inc. and help you get the guidance you need to repair your credit now.

Debt agencies will buy your debt for pennies on the dollar, most collection agencies like Allied Interstate Inc will proceed to aggressively pursue the repayment of your debt.

Shortly after your debt is purchased, the weekly letters and daily phone calls from Allied Interstate Inc can, or may begin, you may then receive notices from all three credit bureaus showing that you now have collection items from Allied Interstate Inc on your credit history.

When you first saw it, you may not have  understand what that was or meant, but eventually you may have figured out that a collection items are just a form of bad (delinquent, or unpaid) accounts.

Unfortunately, these types of items can remain on your credit history for 7 to 10 years. During this time, ANYONE who requests your credit report can see it, because judgments are public record.  If you ever wanted to apply for a new job, your potential employer would look at your credit report to see if you was a reliable individual.

Same story for a potential new landlord or any type of lender.  With a terrible credit score, you might as well be labeled a bad investment and you wouldn’t be getting any “chances” at new credit of any kind.

It seems completely illogical– debt agencies like Allied Interstate Inc want you to pay them, but in order to do that you have to earn more money and by ruining your credit they make it just about impossible!

Possible credit consequences if you don’t take action:

  1. If you have an unresolved credit account on your record, your creditors may be able to seize your assets and sell them as a means of recouping their investment. This is really awful because the creditors will sell all your hard-earned belongings at rock bottom prices.
  2. If your creditors manage to place a lien on your home or property, and you still don’t pay your debt, they can force you to sell and give them all the money.
  3. In extreme cases, a judgment (a more severe, court rule delinquent account) can lead to creditors taking money directly from your paychecks or bank account via wage garnishment.


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If you’re dealing with obnoxious debt collectors and terrible credit scores, remember these key points:

  • Don’t ignore the problem.
  • Don’t engage with the debt collectors on your own.
  • Don’t pay unless you’re sure you have to.
  • With help from Lexington Law, you can get control of the situation for once and for all!


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